Seminar 4 & 8

Annette Johnston FPSNZ

The simple practice of photographing flowers has influenced all my photography.  During the breakout, I will share some of the specific techniques that I use to create my flower portraits.  A variety of blooms will be set out in the venue, each with a printed texture background.

Participants will have the opportunity to make their way around the room, as if on a garden ramble.  They will be encouraged to slow down, to look, and to ‘see’ their subject.  The aim will be to discover what is wondrous in a simple flower, to find the quirky, the unique, to look for a wayward petal, a luscious curve; to work towards creating an image that is more than just a simple flower render.


  • Camera
  • Macro Lens or Macro capable Lens
  • Optional:
  • Tripod/Monopod
  • Other lenses e.g., ‘Long’ lens (70mm-200mm), Lensbaby, etc.
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