Kris Anderson

Kris Anderson is a commercial and fine art photographer, speaker and photographic judge, based in Brisbane Australia.

Kris’ commercial work is focused on the performing arts: branding for performing arts companies, actor and performer headshots, dance photography, and live theatre production photography. Kris has a long history of live performance as a musician, in bands and for live theatre. When he was first developing as a photographer, his theatre network provided Kris with a great catalyst for photographic experimentation. After many years as a generalist, photographing everything from weddings to paint cans, it was perhaps inevitable that he would narrow his focus and specialise in performing arts photography. He draws on his experience as a performer and musician to understand clients and meet their needs in an exceptional way.

For his personal illustrative photographic work, Kris often explores themes concerned with modern life, mental health, and the impact of technology on people and relationships. He uses composites to tell stories that are only just peeking into the unreal. He takes on the challenge of representing stories about mental health, communicating clearly and with care and compassion.

Kris Anderson - Headshot

Kris is an experienced photographic judge. Having trained for many years in the well-regarded AIPP judge training programme, he has judged print awards for the AIPP in Australia (both state and national awards), NZIPP Iris Awards in New Zealand, and WPPI awards in Las Vegas. He has worn his judging hat for numerous online awards including the Sony Alpha Awards, Rise International Photography Awards and the Asia Pacific Photography Awards. Kris regularly donates his judging time in the local community as well, judging tertiary student projects and local camera club competitions. In 2020 and 2021 Kris was the Queensland Chair of Jurors for the AIPP.

A Master of Photography with the AIPP, NZIPP and WPPI, Kris was recognised in 2017 as the AIPP Australian Illustrative Professional Photographer of the Year, and then later the 2019 AIPP Epson Queensland Professional Photographer of the Year. Kris is also a proud EIZO Ambassador.

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