Seminars 3 & 7

Focus Stacking for Floral Art

Annette Johnstone will share her knowledge, tips and techniques on manual focus stacking in order to achieve unique and beautiful floral portraits, or art.  In this session Annette will guide you from the starting point; how to develop your own style around the way you think and see the world, and apply that to floral work. There's so much more to the art of focus stacking than just pointing the camera and pressing the shutter several times over.  Some of the main decision making factors include choosing the correct lens; position of camera to the subject; choosing the correct focal point; aperture selection; using lights; checking backgrounds; and positioning yourself.

And that's just to capture the image, then there is the post processing that follows where you can truly turn your florals into works of fine art.

This seminar will be repeated for Seminar 7.

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